Friday, June 1, 2007

a quick hello

Happy 40th Anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band! Is it as big a deal back home as it is here? Just thought I'd give a quick hello to let y'all know I'm still alive and kickin. I'm sitting in our very nice hotel lobby in Stockholm using my 15 minutes of courtesty internet time. We've been to Estonia, Helsinki, another ferry across the Baltic Sea, and most recently the Taste of Stockholm festival here in Stockholm. The weather is freezing cold (okay, 14 degress C, but I haven't felt that in NC since Feb) and we saw the first of the sun today that we've seen in a very very long time. Tomorrow morning we wake up around 7am local time in order to get back to O'Hare around 12:40 and up to Milwaukee by 4pm. Once I get there I'll be sure to give a full update on the last few days, but for now I'm being overwhelmed by smoke and need to go back to our 4-star hotel room (if I've learned anything this trip, it's that I'm supremely spoiled...even if I thought I was before).
Much love to all and I look forward to sharing pictures, memories, and more good times upon my return! Everyone in Milwaukee save a beer for me!

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Vilma said...

Hey Ty!

It was great having you around for Miina's & Tuukka's big day! ... I get an impression from your blogging that you also had a relatively good time? ;)

I hope we didn't traumatize you too much - and don't mind my mom's picking on small details like the spelling of our names. We still know who you're talking about! :)

Hopefully you'll be back in Finland someday - and as my mom said: let us know when you're shopping for the sauna (=you have to consult a finnish expert on that - as, no offense, you americans still don't no sh... too much about that. Eh?) ;)

I'll keep on popping to this blog now and again - now that I found it! (my english one is at - even though I'm just a bit lazy on updating it (hosting 2 blogs in Finnish already...))

Ok, now I'll quit blabbing... so, over and out.