Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Subtle but important update for TuneCore

TuneCore, the service that allows independent artists to easily distribute their music across digital music services like iTunes and Amazon, just unveiled the ability for artists to see weekly trends and zip codes of people who buy their music through iTunes. This is HUGE in any number of ways: everything from booking tours to seeing responses to marketing efforts or big concerts. The issue, though, is how many artists truly understand the depth and importance of this data? I would love to see TuneCore either open their APIs to allow third parties to help bands manage these numbers in relation to other band activity (and internet buzz, etcetc) to try to make sense of why these numbers are showing what they are and what can be done to make the most of them.

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Alex Kane said...

TuneCore recently released an API for publishing albums. Doesn't include trending data yet, but you can use it to create albums and manage your discography. API docs are at http://code.google.com/p/tunecoredirect/

(it's open source)